Whether you’re recovering from an injury or working to improve your athletic performance, Mercy Health — Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation is here to help you. 
Our expert physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers use the latest science-based therapies and treatments to speed recovery and restore function. 

We’ll prepare you for a safe return to play through injury prevention, rehabilitation and sport-specific training. 

Performance services include:

  • Sports enhancement recovery program: If you have minor or reoccurring pain, let us asses your movement patterns and soft tissue quality. Then we can customize a program to help you recover faster and reduce your risk of a more serious injury. 
  • Video gait and throwing analysis: Our sports physical therapist uses slow-motion video to identify biomechanical issues related to running and throwing.

Physical therapy services include: 

  • Sports rehabilitation: We offer a wide range of orthopedic and sports-specific rehabilitation, including manual therapy, biomechanical movement screening and education, therapeutic exercises, plyometrics and return-to-play programs. 
  • State-of-the-art treatment: Our advanced therapies including dry needling, advanced soft tissue techniques (proficient in ART and myofascial release), kinesiotaping, game ready, triton DTS traction and electrical stimulation. 

Screenings include:

  • Complimentary injury screening: We offer a free 30-minute screening with a licensed medical professional. You’ll receive education, an injury care plan and physician referrals, if needed. 
  • Functional movement screening: This sport-specific assessment analyzes the flexibility, strength and stability of major muscle groups. Correcting structural balance issues can help you prevent injuries, improve performance and prepare for advanced training.

For more information on how Mercy Health – Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation get back you back in the game, please call 440-934-2644.