Robotic-Assisted Hernia Repair Seminar

Mercy Health – Urbana Hospital
904 Scioto St
Urbana, Ohio 43078
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Urbana Hospital is hosting a free seminar about hernias, their symptoms and treatment options.

Hernias are a condition in which an organ pushes through the muscle or tissues meant to hold it in place. Muscle strain or weakness can lead to hernias and they most commonly occur in the abdomen or the groin. Symptoms include swelling and pain in the affected area. 

If you or someone you care about has a hernia, there’s a way to permanently stop the pain and physical symptoms with minimally-invasive hernia repair. 
Join Mercy Health physician and surgeon Tedros Andom, MD for an informative presentation about hernias, their causes, symptoms and a variety of treatment options for this very common condition, including repair via minimally-invasive robotic surgery.

Dr. Andom is part of robotic surgery team that helps hernia patients fully and quickly recover with smaller incisions and less pain. 

Presentation will be followed by Q&A with the physicians. Light refreshments and appetizers will be available. 

To register for this free event, please call 937-484-6387 by Monday, July 9.