Mercy Health - Better Living Speaker Series with Dr. Michael Neeb

King Road Library
3900 King Rd
Toledo, Ohio 43617
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The average person spends about one-third of their life asleep. Sleep is an essential part of survival and suffering from sleep disorders, like insomnia or chronic fatigue syndrome, negatively affect our quality of life and functioning during the day.

Dr. Michael Neeb, sleep specialist, will be discussing the importance of sleep and different techniques that can be utilized to improve the overall quality of a night’s rest.

“People often neglect getting the appropriate amount of sleep,” said Dr. Neeb. “When we feel tired, our brain can’t perform as effectively, and we are at higher risk for problems heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and a less effective immune system.”

His session is a part of the Mercy Health — Better Living Speaker Series, which is a monthly session where providers speak to library visitors about different health topics. Members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend, so they can better recognize symptoms of a variety of ailments and be prepared to catch problems before they worsen.

There is no cost to attend. RSVP is requested and can be done by calling: 888-987-6372 or by sending an email to