Lourdes Hospital has the largest volume of heart surgery in Western Kentucky.

Lourdes Hospital currently performs the greatest number of open-heart surgeries in the region. Nearly 300 open heart procedures are done annually, with upwards to 80 percent of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) procedures done (off pump) without the use of the heart-lung machine.

Coronary artery bypass surgery is very effective in restoring circulation to heart tissue endangered by impeded blood flow. Sometimes it is the only effective method to restore blood flow to a severely diseased heart. Balloon angioplasty is often used in emergency situations, especially when a person is experiencing a heart attack, as a lifesaving procedure to immediately restore blood flow to the heart.

Mitral and aortic valve replacement and repair of aortic dissection are among the specialty of open-heart surgeries provided at Lourdes Hospital.

Our Intensive Care and Progressive Care Units provides skilled nursing care for patients recovering from surgeries and cardiac-related medical conditions.

In many cases, cardiovascular surgery is the most effective treatment option. We deliver the full spectrum of surgical treatment options and have an excellent record of successful outcomes. We work in conjunction with physicians of our community to provide a full spectrum of the most advanced surgical techniques available.

Lourdes Hospital performs more heart procedures than any other area hospital.  When your heart is on the line, you want more advanced life-saving treatment options.

Off-pump “beating heart” surgery allows bypass surgery without stopping the patient’s heart to attach to a heart-lung machine – reducing risk of heart attack, stroke and infection.