Springfield Regional Medical Center is transforming emergency care to deliver the most expert and compassionate care in the fastest time possible to meet the needs of adults, seniors and children throughout our region.

Patients who come to our Emergency Department are greeted and registered by trained ED staff at a registration desk near the entrance of the department. Depending on the number of people in the Emergency Department, patients may even be taken to a patient room to be registered.
Patients are seen and treated based on how sick they are, and not necessarily on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sickest people are seen and treated first. How quickly a patient is placed in an exam room depends on many things including:

  • Severity of illness or injury
  • Severity of other patients' illnesses or injuries
  • Number of patients being evaluated or treated at that particular time
  • Number of patients arriving by ambulance

Regardless of the severity of a patient’s health condition, our team is committed to timely care. To that end, we station a board-certified emergency medicine physician in our ED waiting area during peak times every day.

After a patient is registered, the clerk will place an identification bracelet on his or her wrist. If a bed is not immediately available in the treatment area, the patient will be asked to have a seat in the waiting area.

Once a patient has been evaluated in the treatment area, an Emergency department staff member may need to take the patient to another area of the hospital, such as the X-ray department. During busy hours, there could be a delay due to the needs of critical patients.
Patients who require the use of a special room (such as the eye, gynecology or cast rooms) may be seen out of order based on the availability of the room.