Waiting Times

Our goal is to make sure you're seen as quickly as possible. Patients are often taken back to the Physician in triage before being placed in a patient room. Our "Door to Doc" time -- the time it takes from entering the emergency department until you're first seen by a physician -- compares favorably with national averages.

However, when the ER is very busy, there may be extended delays for a patient with non-life- or non-limb-threatening problems. Our staff is committed to keeping patients and loved ones informed of any delays.

How quickly you are seen may be determined by several factors:

  • Severity of illness or injury
  • Severity of all other patients' illnesses or injuries
  • Number of patients being evaluated or treated at that particular time
  • Number of patients arriving by ambulance

The Physician in triage care is in effect during peak hours. Wait time may vary due to sudden increases in the number of patients seeking care. Here's what you can expect in the Physician in triage area of our Emergency Department:

  • Rapid assessment by a team dedicated to your care.
  • Tests may be ordered and an IV may be started. A quick, preliminary diagnosis allows for necessary tests to be ordered and IVs to be started before you're admitted to a patient room.
  • You may be released to go home from the Physician in triage area. If you have a healthcare need that doesn't require being placed in a room in the Emergency Department, you can receive the rapid care you need from the Physician in triage.

Once a patient has been evaluated in the treatment area, an Emergency department staff member may need to take the patient to another area of the hospital, such as the X-ray department. During busy hours, there could be a delay due to the needs of critical patients.

Patients who require the use of a special room (such as the eye, gynecology or cast rooms) may be seen out of order based on the availability of the room.

It is our privilege to serve you and your family.