Neonatal Services

Mercy Health - Children’s Hospital provides neonatal inpatient and outpatient services to newborns who have special needs because they were born prematurely, or who have medical conditions that require diagnostic evaluation and treatment. Our 30-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, located on the campus of  Mercy St. Vincent  Medical Center, is the most advanced of its kind in our region, and has long held a Level III designation, the highest awarded by the Ohio Department of Health for the care of critically ill newborns. We also offer families consultative services related to the medical, nursing and/or nutritional needs of newborns.

Follow-up Clinics

Center for Neonatal Development (CND) - A multi-disciplinary program in which the growth and development of infants and children from one to 18 months (adjusted age) is evaluated and assessed. The multi-disciplinary assessment team includes a registered nurse, early intervention service coordinator, neonatal nutritionist, and physical therapist.. Children are seen upon referral. The services are offered free of charge.


The first, third and fourth Tuesdays, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


2222 Cherry
Suite 2300
Toledo, OH  43608
To schedule an appointment: 419-251-8015. 

Educational Outreach

We provide continuing education offerings to health care professionals throughout the regional. Individualized courses taught by physicians and support staff are available as well as NRP and STABLE programs. 

Key contact person

NICU Nurse Manager, 419-251-4338

2213 Cherry St.
Suite 2300
Toledo, OH 43608
Fax: 419-251-7764