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Sleep problems are as common in children as they are in adults. When a child refuses to go to sleep or wakes up multiple times a night, it can ruin the family dynamic. Fortunately, there’s professional help available.

How much sleep one child needs is different than another, but one thing is consistent for all — not enough sleep can have serious consequences. Late bedtimes, nighttime awakenings and early wake times can all lead to chronic sleep deprivation.

Sleep-deprived adults are relatively easy to spot — they’re the first to fall asleep watching television or during a meeting at work. But sleep-deprived kids? They generally display a broader spectrum of daytime symptoms. As a child reaches school age, sleepiness often shows up as misbehaving, poor academic performance or a specific development delay. Distractibility, restlessness and poor impulses are also signs of a sleep-deprived child. Recent research indicates that a large portion of children with symptoms suggestive of attention deficit disorder may actually be suffering from an undiagnosed sleep disorder.

Mercy Health - Children's Sleep Program

Combining the professional resources of Mercy Health Children's Hospital with the expertise of the Mercy Health - Sleep Centers, the Children's Sleep Center Program is the only program in Northwest Ohio to provide a complete evaluation, treatment and consultation for children with sleep disorders.

Patients are first evaluated by a team of specialists, including professionals in pediatric pulmonology, pediatric behavior and development and pediatric sleep, and we can typically get started on treatment right away.

More complex cases may require an overnight evaluation in one of our centers in order to take a closer look at what physically happens during your child's nighttime sleep. Results from your child's evaluation, along with his or her progress in treatment, are then sent back to the referring physician.

Preparing Your Child for a Sleep Study

Mercy Health - Tiffin Hospital and Mercy Health - Willard Hospital also offer children's sleep disorder evaluations.