At St. Elizabeth, we have been training residents for over thirty years. With affiliations with several medical schools, as well as a significant role in the education of pharmacy, dental, and nursing students and residents, the institution is committed to providing a high quality educational experience to hundreds of students and residents each year.
Faculty are always prepared to supervise the resident when needed, but provide increasing independence as the resident gains experience. Supportive staff and faculty make the Family Health Center a pleasant place to learn and provide care, and residents develop friendships that lessen the stresses of a training program. Reasonable call requirements, including home call during the final two years of residency, assure adequate time for rest, study, family and fun.

If you would like to experience these things for yourself, please check us out. You can learn more about the program at this website, and then consider scheduling a visit so that we can show you in person what kind of a residency we have at St. Elizabeth.