Program Overview

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The Family Medicine Residency at St Elizabeth Heath Center has been a vital part of the Youngstown Ohio area since 1977. It has graduated over 100 family physicians since it was founded. Over half of the graduates have remained in the area, providing high quality medical care to the Mahoning-Trumbull-Columbiana County region. Graduates have embarked on many exciting practice avenues, including private practice (in small groups, large multi-specialty groups, and hospital positions), academic appointments, and fellowship training. Our program is fully accredited by the ACGME. 

The emphasis on education is apparent from the start. Our interns are given a thorough initiation to health care with a month-long introduction to clinical medicine. There, they are given lectures on functioning in the hospital and family heath center, clinical competencies, mock in-training exams, and opportunities for professional development. As a resident progresses through the curriculum, they are challenged to evolve their understanding of disease and, more importantly, how to apply that knowledge to improving the health care of a diverse patient population. 

Educational opportunities are present throughout the residency. Formal didactics are presented weekly, covering the breadth of scope of Family Medicine. Each patient encounter in the hospital or in our Family Health Center is treated as a teachable moment. The faculty possesses a breadth of knowledge, experience, and skills, and all share a passion for teaching. There are multiple opportunities for residents to act as teachers and mentors to medical students. Residents through Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine can obtain a Clinical Faculty rank. 

Size of Program:
  The Family Medicine Residency is ACGME approved. We currently offer four slots per academic year. 

Areas of Strength:

  While each resident and faculty member develops their own areas of interest, there are several particular areas that make this program unique. 

  1. The Family Heath Center 
    The Family Heath Center is a stand-alone facility located across the street from St Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. It is a very busy practice center, with over 9000 visits annually. It provides a variety of services to patients. Obstetrical care (including ultrasound), well child care, routine adult health maintenance, acute and chronic care are provided here. In addition, there are opportunities to participate in occupational medicine issues such as acute injury care.

  2. Procedures 
    There are numerous procedures that our residents can become comfortable performing. These are performed under supervision by faculty. Click here for additional information on procedures.

  3. Commitment to Education 
    The department of Medical Education also supports residencies in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, and also offers a Transitional Year Program. There is close contact and interaction with the residents and faculty of these programs. Multidisciplinary lectures are also offered. 

  4. Research 
    Residents are able to develop their own clinical questions and conduct research with a variety of faculty and administrative support. There are also opportunities to join ongoing projects developed by other faculty and residents. 

  5. Technology 
    A comprehensive EMR for outpatient encounters is live in 2010. An inpatient module will be unveiled in 2011. 

  6. Lifestyle 
    Residents enjoy ample time to pursue interests outside medicine. The cost of living of the area is much lower than that of most of the country. Multiple opportunities exist within town to explore culture, and nightlife. Large airports and “big city” life is easily accessed within a one hour drive.


Residents are given the opportunity to perform and become proficient in several procedures, including, but not limited to:

  • EKG interpretation
  • Holter monitor interpretation
  • Skin procedures (biopsy, excision)
  • Joint aspiration and injection
  • Obstetrical care and delivery
  • Colposcopy
  • Circumcision
  • Tympanometry
  • Foreign body removal
  • Suturing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Lumbar Puncture

Residents are able to develop their own clinical questions and conduct research with a variety of faculty and administrative support. The Department of Medical Education has an exceptional Research Department that is very accessible and provides support with proposal development, statistics, and analysis. They also assist with obtaining Institutional Approval for all research projects. 

There are also opportunities to join ongoing projects developed by other faculty and residents, both at our hospital and our affiliated medical school, NEOUCOM. In addition to local presentations, residents have presented at state and regional conferences. Our faculty have presented papers at state, regional and national conferences and have several publications in peer reviewed journals. One scholarly activity is required for successful completion of the residency. 

St Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital is a participating teaching site for the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (NEOUCOM). Medical students from each level spend time with residents in formal and informal capacities. Residents can be appointed Clinical Faculty with NEOUCOM as third year residents. In addition, students from several other medical schools rotate with the residents throughout the year. The residents serve as preceptors and supervise the medical students in patient encounters. In a more informal capacity, the residents are often mentors for the medical students.

While each resident is provided with a provisional license and prescription privileges under the hospital’s DEA number, many choose to proceed with obtaining their own licensure and are encouraged to do so once they have met the basic criteria.  Please check on the links for information about obtaining proper licensure and prescribing privileges.

        Federal Credentials Verification Service (FCVS)
       State of Ohio Medical Licensure
        Drug Enforcement Agency