Surgical Skills Lab

The Simulation Lab and Education Center is located on the first floor of the hospital facility. The classes include airway management, both basic and difficult, central line insertion, mock codes, and chest tube and tracheostomy tube insertion. Skills are learned on the "Sim Man" as well as on stationary manikins and box trainers. The Anatomy Lab is located on the second floor and includes a surgical skills lab for both open and laparoscopic procedures. Regular scheduled sessions are included in the curriculum, and the skills equipment is available at any time per resident needs.  
Junior residents' (PGY 1-2) simulation modules will be devoted to patient assessment; airway management and tubes; difficult airway management; and management of pneumothorax.  Senior residents (PGY 3-5) simulation modules will include running a code for cardiorespiratory arrest; and trauma evaluation and resuscitation.  Skills laboratory modules for all residents will include:  asepsis and instrument handling; basic suturing; basic laparoscopy; and advanced laparoscopy.  The Fundamentals in Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) and MISTELS exercises will form the basis of our skills lab experience.