Surgery Facilities and Clinics

Ambulatory Care Center
Surgical Clinics:  330-480-2371
The Surgical Clinics are staffed by surgery residents and attending surgeons who have faculty appointments at Nor-theastern Ohio universities College of Medicine/Pharmacy (NEOUCOMP). The Surgical Clinics are located in the Ambulatory Care Center behind the Outpatient Surgery Center. The surgeons are trained in the latest techniques of general surgery, including endoscopy and laparoscopic, oncologic, trauma, and breast surgery.  The 6 half-day clin-ics a week are: 
Breast Clinic: staffed by Dr. Nancy L. Gantt
Trauma Clinic: staffed by Dr. Brian S. Gruber, Dr. C. Michael Dunham, Dr. Ronald A. Rhodes.
Four General Surgery Clinics: staffed by Dr. Brian S. Gruber, Dr. Ronald A. Rhodes, Dr. Vincent W. Vanek

Breast Clinic
Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center
The Center is Mercy Health's response to the needs and visions of the Valley and ensures that women facing breast cancer should not have to travel long distances for care or wade through a medical maze on their own. 

The vision of one general surgeon, Dr. Rashid A. Abdu, whose wife died of breast cancer 15 years ago, led to the finalization of a center with cutting-edge technology and a world-class team of doctors, radiologists, oncologists, technologists, nurses, cosmetologists, and administrators to provide breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in one comprehensive center. To be classified as such a center, the facility must meet 27 program standards set by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.  

The center, the only comprehensive breast care center between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, will apply for accreditation once it is operational. The center is named in memory of Joanie Abdu, who also was a head nurse at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital for 21 years, and died 15 months after she was diagnosed. 

Breast cancer will strike one out of eight women in their lifetime. The goal of the center is to provide the best care possible to screen, diagnose, and treat this disease. A multi-disciplinary team will work together to establish a more effective, individualized plan of treatment, recovery and aftercare for each patient, provide access to breast cancer-related information, education, and support, monitor the ongoing treatments, and seek out information about clinical trials and new treatment options. Every patient will be assigned a Breast Health Navigator, a personal health concierge to guide, advocate and solve problems. The navigators will coordinate all care and help eliminate all obstacles on the patient of care and healing. Services such as massage therapy, guided imagery, and stress management will be available, as well as nutrition information, emotional care, peer support, spiritual care, and aesthetic support such as cosmetics, prosthesis, and wigs. 

The design will feature a calm, serene, spa-like environment that provides privacy, dignity, and most of all, a sense of peacefulness that is so important to a patient's well-being.  The Center will be located at the south end of the Outpatient Surgery Center with a proposed opening date in 2011.