Calorie Burner
Ever wanted to know how many calories your burn while jogging, cleaning the house or dancing? Just enter the number of minutes you spend each day doing any of the activities listed, and we'll calculate how many calories you burn.

Body Mass Index
Is your weight too high, too low or just fine? Calculate your BMI to find out. It can be an important indication of whether your weight is putting your health at risk. The higher your BMI, the higher the chance of having or developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Calorie Counter
Most of us understand that maintaining your weight depends on the amount of energy (calories) you put into your body versus the amount of energy used (activity). But do you know how many calories your body needs to reach or maintain a certain weight? You can roughly estimate your daily calorie requirements by using this simple counter.

Target Heart Rate
Your target heart rate isn't one rate but a range of rates or beats per minute that is safe for you to reach during exercise. Use this calculator to determine your recommended maximum target heart rate.

Ideal Body Weight
This tool will provide you with a range of acceptable weights for your height.