Mercy Health - Behavioral Health Institute, Warren

Perhaps the most important thing to know about chemical dependency is that it is a treatable illness. With the right help, people can recover and go on to lead sober, productive and healthy lives. The New Start program, offered through Mercy Health - Behavioral Health Institute, Warren, focus is on the individual needs of people with substance use disorders.

We provide the treatment and support you need to break free from your substance use disorder and begin a new life. Your individual needs determine your treatment. Our program combines individual sessions and support with group sessions.

The program is non-residential, so you remain in familiar surroundings and receive support from those you’re closest to.

Treatment at Mercy Health - Behavioral Health Institute, Warren is affordable and effective.

We also serve people who want continuing care after a stay at an inpatient program, and ensure that stability achieved in residential treatment develops into long-term recovery.

We can help you rebuild your life in mind, body and spirit.

Entering the program is simple. Individuals may call us directly, or they may have their physician make arrangements for admission to the program. In all cases, patient information is strictly confidential.

Mercy Health - Behavioral Health Institute, Warren
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