Surgical Intensive Care

The Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) provides a state-of-the-art unit specifically for our surgical intensive care patients who require fast-paced, specialty critical care. It is a 12-bed unit with two beds dedicated to the pediatric trauma patient. Trauma is the most common reason for admission to the SICU. The unit is adjacent to the emergency department, operating rooms and recovery room.
SICU is equipped with the most sophisticated life-support technology available. Innovative technology allows for continuous monitoring of essential patient information. Clinical studies show that such monitoring systems significantly improve patient outcome. All the services and professionals necessary to treat the critically-injured trauma patient are readily available 24/7. All registered nurses have advanced training; mandatory skills lab are available monthly to our health care professionals.
Having a loved one in the intensive care unit can be a difficult and trying time. Our staff recognizes the families’ contribution to the team and how important their visit is to the patient’s recovery. Family friendly visiting hours are available.

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