Trauma Registry

Trauma Services maintain a complex database of all information gathered during the treatment of each trauma patient. The registry contains data on demographics, mechanism, pre-hospital care, emergency department, inpatient care, performance improvement issues, and outcome information.
The registry contributes data annually to American College of Surgeons, National Trauma Data Bank. The NTDB is the largest aggregation of US trauma data ever assembled. Data is aggregated and used to produce annual reports, hospital benchmark reports, and data quality reports.
Ohio hospitals are authorized by Ohio Law ORC 4765.06, Senate Bill 98 to submit trauma data to the State Trauma Registry. Data is submitted electronically quarterly, 90 days following the end of each quarter. The goal of the Ohio Trauma Registry is to provide data for development of public policy, healthcare education, injury prevention, and research. Hospitals must participate in order to be eligible for the EMS/Trauma grant program, or to participate in DEMS funded programs.