Cardiac Lead Management Program

If you have an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator, you know it requires lifelong management and maintenance. Such Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) may even need to be removed or replaced due to lead damage or infection. Many patients with CIEDs are getting implanted younger and living longer, leading to even more battery changes. While today’s are more advanced and more complex, they also have a higher failure rate.
Rising infection rates demand better solutions

CIED infections grew 320% in 10 years. Yet about 60% of patients infected didn’t realize they had a problem and remained untreated. These infections can be difficult to diagnose, and patients frequently ignore or don’t recognize the early warning signs.
New laser technology assures safer lead removal

As part of our dedicated lead management program, Mercy Health Youngstown offers the Spectranteics Excimer Laser System, a clinically proven method of safe, effective lead removal. The laser emits pulses of energy that vaporize scar tissue that develops on leads and obstructs blood flow. The vaporized tissue is then safely absorbed into the blood stream. The process results in controlled lead removal with a 97.7% clinical success rate.
Our physicians are specially trained in this state-of-the-art procedure

Our heart and vascular team takes a proactive approach to lead management, offering patients a longer, safer CIED experience.

Allen Amorn MD, FHRS
Lucas Henn MD, FACS
Lee Gemma MD, FHRS
Allan Katz DO, FACC

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