Our Team

Meet your cardiac team.

The Heart and Vascular Institute team includes cardiologists, surgeons, radiologists, nurses, technicians, case managers and rehab specialists. We work closely together to ensure that our heart and vascular patients have the highest quality and most compassionate care.


Steven Ballas, MD
David Belvedere, MD
Robert Houston, MD
Wahoub Hout, MD

Robert Hunt, MD
Karim Hussein, MD
Kwon Miller, DO
John Scrocco, MD
Walter Sweeney, DO
Rekhi Varghese, MD
Chakri Yarlagadda, MD
Gary Young, MD
Gina Ianazone, CNP
Diane Pantelis, CNP
Leslie Spatar, CNP

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Jeffrey Fulton, DO
Lucas Henn, MD
Kathryn Breit, PA
Laurie Jonda, PA
Larissa Roth, CNP


Allen Amorn, MD
Lee Gemma, MD
Allan Katz, DO
Lisa Elliott, CNS
Angela McFarland, CNP
Jodi Micsky, CNP

Interventional Cardiology

Wahoub Hout, MD
Robert Hunt, MD
Walter Sweeney, DO
Rekhi Varghese, MD

Vascular Medicine/Surgery

Jason Delatore, MD
Pratheek Kakkasseril, MD
Venkata Kollipara, MD
Abbey Harvey, CNP