If you suffer from an irregular heartbeat (also known as atrial fibrillation or AFib), you could be at risk of blood clots forming in the left atrial appendage of your heart. Your doctor may have prescribed a blood-thinning medication to reduce your risk of these clots entering your bloodstream and causing a stroke. Some patients take these medications safely for years, while others find them hard to tolerate.

The WATCHMAN Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device is a new, FDA-approved alternative to blood thinners like warfarin (commonly called Coumadin®). It’s permanently implanted at the opening of the left atrial appendage to prevent blood clots from entering the bloodstream. Over time, implant patients may be able to stop taking blood thinners (aside from aspirin) altogether.
A one-time, one-hour, minimally-invasive procedure

The WATCHMAN implant is placed using a long, thin tube called a catheter. It’s inserted into a vein through a tiny incision and guided to the left atrial appendage. The physician then opens the implant much like an umbrella, blocking the opening and stopping blood clots at their source. Best of all, the WATCHMAN is designed to never need replacing.
Our specialized team performs this breakthrough technique

The procedure is performed by a specially trained, experienced physician and team in our cardiac catheterization or electrophysiology lab:

Dr. Allen Amorn, MD, FHRS
Dr. Lee Gemma, MD, FHRS

Most patients return to their normal activities within a few days.

To see if this procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with a Heart & Vascular Center specialist at 330-480-3998.