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Physical exams
We offer a complete package of physical exams to meet your company’s specific needs. All exams and screenings are performed with the utmost care by professionals who recognize your particular needs. Learn more about our physical exams below.
Protect your investment by providing a complete health and wellness evaluation for your executive staff.
This exam is extremely comprehensive and may include special procedures such as electrocardiograms, pulmonary functions, blood chemistries and stress testing. Copies of test results are made available for the client to give to his or her personal physician. They may also take this opportunity to review their health and wellness information after the exam is complete in a private interview with a Corporate Care physician.
Pre-placement and annual periodic 
A complete medical and occupational exam customized to meet your specific occupational health needs. These exams can detect health-related problems that could eventually interfere with job performance. A program of periodic exams can screen for developing job-related health problems. Required components that meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) and OSHA Regulatory guidelines are also available.
Exams for employees who have applied for medical or health disability. If indicated, the employee can be referred to a specialist for fast efficient treatment.
Return to work
These exams play a vital role in returning employees to work in the best health possible. An evaluation of industrial and medical disability is provided to maximize job efficiency and safety.
Independent medical
A detailed file review if performed of all pertinent records (both medical and work related) to provide an objective, comprehensive, medical and physical exam. Our specially trained occupational health physician then uses this information to make a non-biased, fact-based conclusion.
Second opinion
This exam allows the employer to receive a non-biased exam performed by our occupational health physician based purely on physical findings.
A comprehensive history and physical provided by a licensed physician. This exam does not include health-related screenings.