Our Services

Specialty programs
We realize that no two companies have the same health care needs. We can offer a complete package of specialty programs, exams and screenings that are customized to meet your company’s needs. All services are provided by trained and certified staff. Learn more about our available services by clicking on the links to the left.
OSHA/NIOSH testing
Allow us to help ease your compliance worries by providing asbestos testing, hearing conservation, vision testing, lung capacity and much more.
Medical review officer (MRO) services
The MRO, a licensed physician with knowledge of substance abuse disorders and appropriate knowledge of drug testing, will review and analyze test results in compliance with the provisions mandated in the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR part 40).
Industrial rehabilitation
Work related injuries are expensive and result in lost time, medical care, personnel retraining and Workers’ Compensation claims. Our industrial rehabilitation program includes acute rehab, work hardening occupational rehab, work conditioning and body mechanics education and training.