Whether you’re recovering from childhood injuries, work or sports related injuries, or caring for conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis, our expert Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation team can get you moving again.  From advanced surgical and nonsurgical treatments to comprehensive rehabilitation and therapy programs, we’ll get you back to doing what you love. 

Are you experiencing joint pain, lack of mobility, having difficulty performing daily routine tasks, unable to participate in exercise, enjoy your hobby or even golf or go fishing?  You may be a candidate for joint replacement surgery. Contact you primary care physician and take the first step to regaining your future! To find a primary care physician – call our physician referral line at 855-884-7150.

Why choose Mercy Health?

  • Our orthopaedic surgeons are recognized board-certified and fellowship trained.
  • Our orthopaedic navigators and nurse managers follow the patient from joint class to post op.

  • Onsite physical therapy and conveniently located outpatient sites close to home.

  • Expert staff specially trained in caring for joint replacement patients throughout their entire continuum of care.

If you are letting your pain keep you from the things you want to do, call 855-884-7150 for a physician referral or click here to learn more.



Thom Sutliffe

When Thom's knee pain kept him from playing hockey, he turned to surgeon, team mate and friend, Dr. Tom Boniface. Together they decided on a partial knee replacement. "He got me back on the ice and now I am playing better than him!"


 See Thom's Story


Florence Zduniac

When Flo's hip pain kept her from working at Howland High School, she turned to Dr. Will Woods and his athletic trainer, Stacy Baxter. Stacy listened and supported Flo during hip replacement surgery, providing the friendly ear Flo needed to plan her future.


Hear Flo's Story


Take the first step to regaining your future!

Our joint classes will teach you everything you need to know for your surgery. The class includes:

  • What to expect prior to, during, and after surgery
  • Equipment education
  • Pain management education
  • Education regarding how long your hospital stay will be
  • Discharge plans on going home after surgery

Class size is limited and registration is required. To schedule your mandatory class:

St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital: 330-301-0848

St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital: Your pre-admission testing representative will schedule you.

St. Joseph Warren Hospital: Your pre-admission testing representative will schedule you or you can call 330-841-4008.

Ask your orthopaedic surgeon if the joint class is right for you.



Three Convenient Locations

Currently located at Mercy Health - St. Elizabeth Youngstown, St. Elizabeth Boardman and St. Joseph Warren Hospitals to accommodate you and your family.


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