Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a middle school or high school athlete with dreams of playing in college, a professional dancer or football player or you simply enjoy a pick-up game on the weekends, the sports medicine experts at Mercy Health are committed to keeping you in the game – at every level.


 Our multidisciplinary team of orthopaedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists and other sports medicine specialists offer comprehensive care for the active adults and student athletes.


From diagnosis to recovery, we are focused on helping your return to performing at your highest ability.


Sports Injury Clinic


We offer Saturday morning sports injury clinics during the Fall from August 30 – November 4 from 9 to 11 a.m.  Staffed by orthopaedic experts we are able to treat all types of sports related injuries.


Our convenient clinics are located:


Howland Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine 

1932 Niles-Cortland Rd. NE

Warren, OH 44484


   Ian Walton, MD and Williams Woods, MD
Boardman Orthopaedics 

835 McKay Court

Boardman, OH 44512


   Jeffrey Johnston, MD


No appointment is necessary.  Most insurances are accepted.


Sports Physicals


Mercy Health is committed to keeping student athletes in the game through pre-participation physical examinations (PPE), also known as Sports Physicals.


Required by all schools in Ohio and by most club athletics before the start of the season, sports physicals help determine if it’s safe for student athletes to participate in sports. The two-part exam includes a medical history and physical exam to evaluate your student’s health and physical condition specific to their sport.


Even if your team doesn’t require a sports physical, we recommend getting one before starting any sport.

Mercy Health is proud to partner with our affiliated High Schools and Middle Schools to provide Sports Physicals to athletes who attend those schools.  WHEN DO WE DO THIS?  DO WE HAVE A SCHEDULE TO POST?



Concussion Testing

A bump, blow or jolt to the head – whether from a fall, accident or sporting event – is an injury that can have serious consequences. Even a mild bump, if not properly treated, can change the way your brain works. Repeated concussions can be life-altering if not properly treated.


New assessment tools including baseline testing, enable Mercy Health physicians to measure multiple aspects of brain function such as memory and mental processing speed, in order to assess a concussion’s severity. Our concussion specialists routinely manage athletes from middle school through college.  With their expertise, young athletes safely return to play following a sports concussion.


If you suspect you have a concussion or are showing symptoms of a concussion, contact a Mercy Health physician today.



Symptoms of a concussion



  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering



  • Headache, blurred vision
  • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness
  • Sensitivity to light, noise



  • Irritable, sad
  • Nervous, anxious



  • Sleep more, less than usual


Symptoms of a concussion can occur immediately or have a delayed onset and usually resolve in a few days. However, some symptoms can last for weeks or months after the injury. If your athlete experiences any of these symptoms, it is very important to see a physician right away for proper treatment and to prevent additional injury.


Ohio’s Return-to-Play Law


As healthcare providers, we understand the implications of a concussion, which is why we support Ohio’s Return-to-Play Law. The Return-to-Play Law was designed to protect the brains and futures of young student athletes by preventing them from continuing to play when exhibiting signs of a concussion.


The law, which went into effect on April 26, 2013, prohibits schools from allowing any athlete who exhibits symptoms of a concussion while practicing or playing in an athletic event to return to play on the same day. The athlete also cannot return to play until he/she is evaluated by a physician or other licensed medical provider, and the athlete provides written clearance from the medical professional that it is safe for the athlete to return to play.


 For more information on the Ohio’s Return-to-Play law, click here.


Athletic Trainers/High School Partnerships


Our athletic trainers have the expertise and dedication to help your athletes optimize their performance in any sport.  We help prevent and treat sports-related injuries and illnesses to keep athletes in peak shape and doing what they love.


Mercy Health is proud to partner with your school to provide award-winning, comprehensive healthcare and well care services.  Our athletic trainers are available onsite after school, during practice and at games to help support your student athlete, help them stay healthy and address any injuries that may occur.  


We provide to athletes:

  • Athletic training services at athletic evens
  • Sports physicals
  • ImPACT Concussion Management
  • Sportsmetrics ACL Prevention Program
  • Student Athletic Training Program
  • HURT line providing 24/7 access to athletic trainer


We provide to coaches:

  • Pupil Activity Validation (PAV)
  • CPR instructor training
  • Stop the Bleed training
  • Direct access to our sports medicine specialists


For more information or questions please call (330) 480-2255.


Your Mercy Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Team