Welcome your child at

The Family Birthplace at Mercy Health - St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital


Rely on compassionate caregivers

When the special day arrives, you and your new baby will be cared for by doctors and nurses who specialize in helping mothers give birth. They know how to put mothers-to-be at ease. Your well-being—and your baby’s—is their top priority.

Get the right care in the right room

We have specialized rooms equipped to meet your needs. During your stay, you may spend time in an antepartum (before birth) room, a birthing room and a postpartum (after birth) room. We also have triage rooms and surgical suites. St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital has doctors who specialize in managing high-risk pregnancies available, if needed. It also houses an Akron Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with highly skilled nurses and neonatologists (doctors who specialize in caring for newborns). They are at the hospital 24-hours-a-day to care for premature or sick newborns.

Enjoy a comfortable, private room

You and your little one can stay together in a comfortable, private room. We’ll teach you the basics of caring for your baby, and your baby can stay with you for important early bonding. There is also a nursery available when you need some time to rest quietly. If you’re Breastfeeding, a specialist will visit to offer support and answer your questions. Breastfeeding support is also available after you leave The Family Birthplace. How long you stay depends on how you and your baby are progressing, and on input from your doctors or midwife. After baby, mom and dad have had time to bond, family and friends are welcome to visit.


  • room service
  • security system with tamper-proof infant tags and exit alarms

Remember, you’ll need an approved infant car seat when you’re ready to take your baby home.

Find other special services at The Family Birthplace

We want to support you however we can during this special time in your life. If you need help or have concerns, one of our social workers or case managers can help. If you’d like to talk to them, just ask your nurse.

We’ll prepare the information for your baby’s birth certificate and apply for his or her Social Security number. A copy of your baby’s birth certificate will be available at the Board of Health office for a fee. Your child’s Social Security card should arrive in the mail in six to eight weeks.

If you tell us the name of the doctor you’ve chosen for your baby’s care, we’ll be happy to notify him or her when your baby arrives. Meanwhile, we’ll test your baby’s hearing to make sure there are no problems. And, if you’d like, a professional photographer will take your baby’s photo so you’ll have a precious keepsake.

At The Family Birthplace, you can plan the birth experience that’s right for you. You can tailor our services to meet your needs. If you’re not sure about your choices, we can give you the information you need for this exciting time in your life.


Birth by Design is a free program that helps you prepare for your baby’s birth. A maternity counselor explains the choices and services available to you, and helps you design the best birthing experience for you and your baby. Please register before your due date by calling 330-729-8600.


Prepare for your baby’s arrival with our programs and classes. You’ll learn what to expect during childbirth, how to care for your newborn and how to breastfeed. Online childbirth classes are also available for busy moms and dads, or mothers who are on bed rest.

  • Childbirth: You’ll learn what happens during the labor process and the care you can expect at the hospital when your day arrives. Other topics include Cesarean birth, breathing and relaxation, the postpartum period (after the baby is born) and our Birth by Design program. You’ll also tour the hospital.
  • Infant Care: Learn the basics of newborn care, including bathing, changing diapers, taking temperature, car seat safety and much more. You’ll get hands-on practice using our infant dolls. This class is helpful for anyone who will be caring for a newborn, including those who are adopting.
  • Successful Breastfeeding: Topics include preparing to breastfeed and the benefits of breastfeeding. You’ll also learn how to manage common concerns and how to choose a breast pump. Dads are encouraged to attend, too.
  • Infant Resuscitation: Learn basic infant CPR skills from a certified CPR instructor. The class is based on the American Heart Association’s Infant CPR Anytime course.
  • Please note that not all classes are held on a regular basis.

To sign up for classes at Mercy Health - St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital, or to take a tour, please call 330-729-8600. We look forward to helping you have a happy, healthy baby!

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