Mercy Health is pleased to announce that its Nurse Residency Program has achieved accreditation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). It is the first program in southwest Ohio to earn the accreditation.

Mercy Health’s year-long paid nurse residency program is open to new graduates and nurses with less than 12 months of acute care experience. 

“Our program allows new nurses to enter specialty areas out of school, instead of the typical wait of one to three years. It offers them the chance to continue their education and fast track their careers by growing their skills and confidence quickly,” said Mercy Health Central Market President Pat Davis-Hagens, executive leader of the nurse residency program. “The program has helped us realize other important benefits, too, including improved patient experience and high quality nursing care.”

The program offers the support that is crucial is helping newly graduated nurses make the transition to working in the acute care setting by partnering new nurses with an experienced nurse mentor. In addition to playing a key role in improved nurse recruitment and retention, this program helps drive strong nurse engagement, which in turn has a positive on the quality of patient care.

Mercy Health’s Nurse Residency Program has produced phenomenal results, such as a statistically significant increase in knowledge acquisition. Turnover, which was previously in line with the national average, has dropped by 75% and vacancies stand at an all-time low. 

“Engaged nurses stay on the job and that drives down labor costs, allowing us to invest more in direct patient care,” said Davis-Hagens.

ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation validates hospital residency or fellowship programs that transition registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) into new practice settings that meet rigorous, evidence-based standards for quality and excellence. Nurses in accredited transition programs, like Mercy Health’s Nurse Residency Program experience curricula that promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills and professional behaviors necessary to deliver safe, high-quality care.

“We’re very proud of our ANCC accreditation,” said Davis-Hagens. “It gives nurse residents and fellows assurance that Mercy Health offers an elevated transition program with a clear course of instruction and reliable evaluation methods. With ANCC Accreditation, our transitioning nurses gain the skills and confidence needed to perform effectively within a new practice setting.”