Mercy Health is making knowing the results of your mammogram and associated follow-up tests, including breast biopsy, as easy and stress-free as possible with the I Know mammography and biopsy results notification program. I Know provides results of screening mammograms on the day of exam and it provides biopsy results no later than the next business day when a patient has a biopsy before 2 p.m. 

Originally launched at The Jewish Hospital  Mercy Health, I Know is now available at Mercy Health locations throughout Cincinnati. Patients enroll when they schedule their mammograms and breast biopsies or arrive for their appointments.  

I Know:

  • Provides same day mammography results
  • Reduces the time between mammogram screening to additional imaging from weeks to hours
  • Decreases the time between diagnostic mammograms to biopsies from days to hours
  • Decreases the turnaround time from biopsies to results to one business day or less 

“We understand that a worrying test result can cause tremendous stress and anxiety,” said Dave Fikse, President, Mercy Health – Cincinnati. “We designed Mercy Health’s I Know program so patients receive same day mammography results. If they need a biopsy, they know their results in one business day or less. The quick turnaround can help patients spend less time worrying.” 

“Should you receive a cancer diagnosis, Mercy Health is with you every step of the way,” said The Jewish Hospital President Pat Davis-Hagens, who helped launch the I Know program. “Our breast health team is comprehensive and includes Fellowship-trained breast surgeons and breast imaging radiologists. They work with specially-trained nurse navigators who serve as your continuous point of contact throughout your entire course of treatment and walk you through every step of your treatment.”

It all starts with your annual mammogram. Call 513-95-MERCY to schedule your mammogram at one of Mercy Health’s many convenient locations around Greater Cincinnati. You’ll have the opportunity to enroll in the I Know program when scheduling or arriving for your appointment. This allows you to receive your imaging or breast biopsy results no later than the next business day when tests are performed before 2 p.m.

If a radiologist detects something, they will recommend that you receive additional imaging or a breast biopsy. A caring member of the breast health team will walk you through your next steps.

Talk with your doctor about when you should have a screening mammogram. Screening mammograms are usually a covered benefit with most insurance carriers.