Music therapy has been recognized as an effective form of reducing anxiety and stress. For example, many studies have supported the findings of listening to music prior to a surgery because it reduces the need for using sedative medication.

Now, musicians from the community can help provide comfort and healing to patients and all those who enter the doors of Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center. It is all thanks to a generous donation from St. Rita’s Volunteer/Auxiliary Resources; a baby grand piano now resides in the lobby of the facility.

The piano is the first phase of a music program the hospital is starting — musicians will be able to share their time and talents while providing soft, comforting music. The second phase of the program will be to offer other types of musical instruments throughout different areas of the hospital.

“Music is a universal language, one that reaches everyone in their own unique way. It can uplift and energize, or soothe,” said Ronda Lehman, president of the Mercy Health — Lima Market. “St. Rita’s chose to develop this program so that we could provide comfort and care to patients from the minute they set foot into the hospital.”

The piano was blessed by Father Charles Obinwa during the recently held Mercy Day celebration that honored the rich heritage with the Sisters of Mercy and all who have contributed to the ministry.

To become a part of this program, please contact Mercy Health — St. Rita’s Volunteer/Auxiliary Resource Department at 419-226-9038.