IMPACT Lourdes, the women’s philanthropy group that supports the Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes, has awarded its annual grant to benefit Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital. IMPACT Lourdes members voted to award $38,000 to completely renovate the hospital’s physical therapy gym. An open house for the newly reopened rehabilitation gym will take place Tuesday, July 9 from 4 to 5 p.m.

The highlight of the grant-funded renovations is the facility’s new car simulator. “After a patient has had a stroke, spinal cord injury, or hip fracture, getting in and out of a vehicle can be difficult but it is a necessary activity for daily life,” explained SaDona Gray, external admissions coordinator for Lourdes’ rehabilitation unit. “Prior to this renovation we were practicing car transfers with our patients in their own cars. Now we can work with them in the more controlled environment of our facility regardless of the weather. We are very grateful to IMPACT Lourdes for helping us to better serve our patients.”

The car simulator can be adjusted to replicate the heights of various vehicle types. In addition to the car simulator, other gym renovations provided by the grant include new parallel bars, training staircase, repainted walls, replaced counter tops and updated flooring.

IMPACT Lourdes members are dedicated to the community and access to quality healthcare. Members pay membership dues that are used annually to support a program or project at Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital through the IMPACT grant. Presentations are made by the clinicians or program directors and IMPACT Lourdes members vote on utilizing the available funds.

“Funding this project will make a tremendous impact on the lives of so many patients and families who utilize physical therapy,” said Jessica Toren, president the Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes. “We very much thank IMPACT Lourdes. The philanthropic work of these ladies continues to improve the hospital and the health of our community.”

Ladies of IMPACT Lourdes have granted more than $250,000 to projects since the program began in 2010. For more information about IMPACT Lourdes or Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes, call (270) 444-2353 or visit