Billing & Insurance

Hospital Fees

While you are receiving treatment from the hospital, we track charges on an itemized bill.

In some cases, you will be billed separately for hospital-based physician services such as emergency, radiology and pathology. Fees for other physician services will be billed separately. If you have a question about a physician fee not billed by the hospital, please discuss that with the billing staff at your physician’s office.

Health Insurance

The hospital honors major third-party coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation and other public assistance. Your third-party coverage may require prior approval of your hospitalization. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in reduced benefits requiring additional uninsured or personal charges. We can help you obtain prior approval for your hospitalization.

We accept commercial insurance and we participate in most managed care plans. Please provide the Registration Department with all information necessary to bill your insurer, including your subscriber name, number and effective date.

Under Medicare law, healthcare services that can be paid for by Medicare are subject to review for compliance with medical standards. Review responsibilities for this hospital are conducted by Medco Peer Review at 1-800-626-6080. All information gathered for Peer Review purposes shall remain confidential. Any recommendations/decisions that may affect your hospitalization will be communicated to you by Medco Peer Review.

What if I don't have insurance?

If you do not have third-party coverage, your patient admissions counselor will explain different options you have for paying your bill. West Hospital can help patients in financial need apply for public assistance. We offer the Hospital Eligibility Link Program (HELP) to assist patients in obtaining medical benefits from federal, state and hospital-based programs. Assistance terms may be based on family size and income.

To find out more, financial counseling is available through the hospital Mon. through Fri., 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. If you need financial help, please call the hospital operator or ask a member of your care team how to contact one of the hospital’s Financial Counselors. From home, dial the hospital main number at 513-215-5000 and ask to speak with a financial counselor.