The goal when treating obesity is to lose weight in a safe and effective way and to help patients maintain weight loss for life.

Your Mercy Health weight management team may include a bariatric or general surgeon, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, dietitian, exercise physiologist and psychologist. The team will work with you or your child to prevent, diagnose and treat obesity. The team will evaluate your case and develop a treatment plan specifically designed for you or your child.  

Our bariatric teams understand that maintaining weight loss after treatment is difficult, and we aim to be a long-term partner in your weight loss journey.

Surgical Adjustable Gastric Banding (Gastric Banding)

Adjustable gastric banding, also known as gastric banding, is a laparoscopic surgical procedure that shrinks the size of the stomach to help obese patients lose weight. The goal of the surgery is to make the stomach smaller so it can’t hold as much food.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-en-Y)

Gastric bypass surgery is a medical procedure used to help obese patients lose weight. This invasive procedure is only used after all other less invasive weight loss options have failed. Gastric bypass surgery involves making a pouch in the stomach and then attaching the new, small stomach pouch to the intestines.

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Lifestyle Modification Program

Lifestyle modifications programs such as eating healthy and gradually starting an exercise plan for all obese patients trying to lose weight. Small lifestyle changes that gradually lower your weight can drastically improve your health.

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Metabolic Testing

Resting metabolic testing can help you understand how your metabolism is working. The test will evaluate how well your body is converting fat into energy, your aerobic threshold, your VO2 max as well as resting metabolic rate.

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OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Program

The OPTIFAST® weight loss program is a medical weight loss program designed to help overweight and obese patients lose weight safely without surgical intervention.

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Prescription Weight Loss Medications

Prescription weight loss medication may be an option to help you lose weight and keep it off when diet and fitness alone are not effective. FDA-approved weight loss medications for patients who qualify for this non-surgical weight loss program.

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Robotic Weight Loss Surgery

Robotic surgery uses small incisions instead of a large abdominal incision and therefore is less invasive than traditional bariatric surgery.

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Surgical Sleeve Gastrectomy

A surgical sleeve gastrectomy, also known as a sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical weight loss procedure that involves taking a portion of the stomach out to restrict how much food a person can eat.

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