Our oral medicine specialists are trained to handle complex oral and dental conditions by providing non-surgical treatment. In particular, individuals who have an underlying medical condition may have special needs when it comes to their oral health. Stomatology specialists focus on dental medicine for these types of complicated cases. The team at Mercy Health is dedicated to providing the best medical care to those who have mouth disorders or mouth diseases. 

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Why Choose Mercy Health?

The stomatology and oral medicine specialists at Mercy Health offer a wide variety of services to treat conditions of the mouth. When you choose Mercy Health, you’re choosing a team of highly trained specialists who will treat you or your loved one with care, compassion and understanding.

Common Conditions

Benign growths of the oral cavity 
Burning mouth
Dry mouth
Facial neuralgias
Gum enlargement 
Orofacial and tooth pain
Oral complications from cancer treatment
Sensory disorders
Taste and smell disorders
Viral, bacterial and fungal infections

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