Some emergencies require a trip to the emergency room, but others require immediate action and lifesaving care.

Trauma surgery uses both operative trauma care and non-operative trauma care to treat life-threatening injuries. Our trauma surgeons are experts in a broad scope of surgical care that includes the neck, chest and abdominal area, as well as other extremities. They offer traumatic injury surgery for a wide variety of emergency conditions.

From the emergency room to rehab, Mercy Health’s team of trauma specialists offer top-quality care for our anyone who requires surgical critical care. Our trauma doctors also work with EMS, law enforcement and other members of the community to create a safer, healthier environment for everyone.

Blunt Force Trauma

This is a physical trauma to a body part, usually by vehicle crashes, falls or assaults.

Penetrating Wounds

This type of injury happens when something enters a tissue of the body and creates an open wound. Examples include gunshots wounds, knife wounds and farm equipment injuries.


Immediate burn care is needed for all types of burns, like thermal (heat), chemical and frostbite.

Why Choose Mercy Health?

You can trust the team at Mercy Health in your greatest time of need. Though we offer the most advanced treatments and minimally invasive techniques, you can count on us for more than a surgical experience alone. We treat you like family here. It is our goal is to help you be well — in mind, body and spirit. Reach out today to learn more or to find a trauma surgeon near you.

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