2013 Legends of St. Rita's

Amy Bbok

Amy Bok

Amy encompasses all the Core Values that represent St Rita’s Medical Center. Compassion, Excellence, Service, Sacredness of Life, Human Dignity, and Justice are all values that Amy displays on a daily basis not just to our employees and patients but to people in her personal life as well. Amy was recently on a mission trip to Africa where she worked alongside people from her church to educate young women on personal health. In collaboration with her church, Amy helped to collect donated medical and hygienic items that were distributed to the young women in Kenya. During a time of the Ebola out-break many would have cancelled their trip, Amy did not. She made the decision to go to help these young women and provide the education and products they need. 
Also in her personal life Amy provides help to an elderly man from her church who is currently living alone because his wife is in a long term rehabilitation facility. Amy visits the man each day and ensures he is taking his medications and helps him with his daily living activities. She drives him to and from the grocery store, post office and any other place he may need to go. Amy does this out of the goodness of her heart and doesn’t expect anything in return. 
Amy also promotes excellence of service through her work with the CarePATH system. She holds weekly manager’s meetings to address any changes, best practices, and enhancements that are requested. Not only does Amy work to make CarePATH better for our local staff at St. Rita’s, she also sits on the CHP NIC Committee that works to make changes and improvements for all of the Markets within CHP. 

We are proud to name Amy Bok 
a “Legend of St. Rita’s”

Our Core Values: 
COMPASSION— serving all with mercy and tenderness
EXCELLENCE — doing our best to uphold quality.
HUMAN DIGNITY — treating each person with consideration.
JUSTICE — respecting the rights and responsibilities of each person.
SACREDNESS OF LIFE — honoring the worth of each person.
SERVICE — responding to anyone in need.