2013 Legends of St. Rita's

Herb Schumm

Dr. Herb Schumm

It’s hard to know where to begin listing all of the countless acts of kindness Herb does. He volunteers numerous hours in many areas such as providing free sports physicals for many years at Spencerville School; went on many mission trips both domestic and abroad; serves in many capacities at Lima Community Church of the Nazarene; active with WTLW station and their silent auction; opens up his home to host many Lima Loco baseball players and Lima Express players; serves on the Board of Directors for Huntington University; and volunteers numerous hours at Camp Cotubic near Bellefontaine which he holds dear to his heart. Dr. Schumm was instrumental in the fund raising for the new school in Spencerville and also spent countless hours restoring the train depot there. With doing all of this, he still has time to enjoy his hobby of handcrafting many beautiful instruments of which his wife Paula plays beautifully and also the dulcimer he made for Sr. Noel Frey for her retirement in 2013.

One particular event that exhibits his Core Values in action was several years ago when the leadership team at St. Rita’s met a couple with a disabled child. They were experiencing significant financial hardships. The child was on chronic dialysis, and transportation was their main issue. Dr. Schumm quietly took it upon himself to secure funds, and assist the family in getting a new handicapped accessible van. It was astounding the lengths Dr. Schumm went to so this family’s life was easier. This was life-changing for the family. 

Dr. Schumm is more than the kind of individual who would give you the shirt off his back; he would give you his winter coat and a place to stay without a second thought. As one colleague said, “Herb’s heart is always in the right place – in everything he does, he thinks of others first.”

We are proud to name Herb Schumm
a “Legend of St. Rita’s”

Our Core Values: 

COMPASSION— serving all with mercy and tenderness
EXCELLENCE — doing our best to uphold quality.
HUMAN DIGNITY — treating each person with consideration.
JUSTICE — respecting the rights and responsibilities of each person.
SACREDNESS OF LIFE — honoring the worth of each person.
SERVICE — responding to anyone in need.