2013 Legends of St. Rita's

Jeff Ramey

Jeff Ramey

While attending to his office work and monitoring radio traffic, Jeff Ramey quickly responded to reports regarding a possible jumper on the Parking Garage roof. Jeff immediately headed to the parking garage roof and was the first one on the scene. On the 5th floor roof, Jeff found a man with one leg over the edge and hands extended. Jeff engaged the man in conversation while slowly approaching him. When close enough, Jeff grabbed ahold of the man despite the man’s effort to move further off the ledge. As Jeff was pulling the man off the ledge, risking his own life, his team had arrived to assist. 

Jeff demonstrated leadership by example, used the training he provides to his team and at the risk of his own life, did the RIGHT THING. Legendary and Heroic!

In addition, while keeping staff safe and secure on our campus, Jeff has consistently dealt with the community with compassion, dignity and respect. He has been instrumental in organizing a very large and effective annual “Toys for Tots” campaign at St. Rita’s and his department has been a strong supporter of the Diversity Summer Youth Program for the last five years. Students always rate their experience with Campus Police as “Outstanding”. 

We are proud to name Jeff Ramey
a “Legend of St. Rita’s”

Our Core Values: 

COMPASSION— serving all with mercy and tenderness
EXCELLENCE — doing our best to uphold quality.
HUMAN DIGNITY — treating each person with consideration.
JUSTICE — respecting the rights and responsibilities of each person.
SACREDNESS OF LIFE — honoring the worth of each person.
SERVICE — responding to anyone in need.