2013 Legends of St. Rita's

Patricia Black

Patricia Black

Pat has recently retired after 40 years of service at St. Rita’s. She has been an employee with a servant’s heart. She’s exhibited compassion to all those around her by trading shifts so fellow employees could attend their child’s activities and made meals for anyone in the department who might be dealing with a catastrophic illness of their own or of a family member. When a coworker’s husband fell through a roof and was severely injured, Pat donated vacation days so her coworker could stay at home to care for her husband. Pat has shown her dedication in another way by serving meals at the food pantry for over 10 years. Recently, Pat displayed her sacredness for life by donating one of her kidneys to a past classmate. This is just another example of the selfless servant attitude of Pat.

We are proud to name Patricia Black
a “Legend of St. Rita’s”

Our Core Values: 

COMPASSION— serving all with mercy and tenderness
EXCELLENCE — doing our best to uphold quality.
HUMAN DIGNITY — treating each person with consideration.
JUSTICE — respecting the rights and responsibilities of each person.
SACREDNESS OF LIFE — honoring the worth of each person.
SERVICE — responding to anyone in need.