2013 Legends of St. Rita's

Becky Magrum

Becky has worked at St. Rita’s for 12 years; she started as a Tech on 7AB and currently works as a Tech on the night shift in ICU. The ICU staff look forward to the nights that “Mother Becky” is working as she treats the staff to a homemade cake every shift she works. 

Becky exemplifies the Core Values of Compassion and Human Dignity through her creation of the “House of Grace” program here in Lima. The program works with men that are in the various stages of recovery from addiction and men that have recently been released from prison. They are offered temporary housing, on the job training, life skills and spiritual enrichment. Becky’s goal is to provide these men with a foundation and the tools to become successful and productive members of society as well as taking ownership of their own personal lives and families. Her program’s motto is “Uplifting and Encouraging the Human Spirit”. What better legend can we leave in this world than helping those when they are truly in need and feel they have nowhere else to turn. 

We are proud to name Becky Magrum
a “Legend of St. Rita’s”

Our Core Values: 

COMPASSION— serving all with mercy and tenderness
EXCELLENCE — doing our best to uphold quality.
HUMAN DIGNITY — treating each person with consideration.
JUSTICE — respecting the rights and responsibilities of each person.
SACREDNESS OF LIFE — honoring the worth of each person.
SERVICE — responding to anyone in need.