Hospitality House

Because St. Rita's Medical Center attracts patients from a 10-county region, housing for family members of our most critically ill or injured patients is an important convenience. 

To accommodate people traveling a distance, the Medical Center opened the doors to a Hospitality House. Located on the sixth floor of the 718 W. Market Street building, the Hospitality House features six guestrooms, a kitchen, a living room with comfortable couches, chairs and a television as well as shower facilities and a phone. Each day the kitchen is stocked with fresh food items and basic amenities. Bed linens and towels are also provided. To ensure the family is alerted to any change in the patient's conditions, they are given a pager during their stay at the medical center.

The cost to stay overnight in the Hospitality House is $10. Half of that money is refundable when the guest returns their key and pager. Families can check in and out of the accommodations through Admitting, located just off the main lobby behind Guest Services. Family members of loved ones undergoing open heart surgery are encouraged to stay in the Hospitality House.