Telephones & Television

Most patient rooms have telephones. On each telephone is a four-digit extension number, different from your room number. Persons outside the Medical Center may contact you directly by dialing the patient information number at (419) 226-9095 and entering your four-digit extension number. If you call the 1-800-232-7762, the operator will answer and you will give her the four-diget extension number. Following this procedure will forward the caller directly into the patient room.

If you would like to have your room telephone turned off or routed to the nurses' station, please speak with your nurse. Please do not unplug the telephone. 

To call a phone number within the Medical Center, simply dial the last four digits of the number. For example to call 419-226-9745, simply dial 9745 at any telephone within the hospital. 

To place a local call outside the Medical Center, dial 6, the area code, and the seven-diget telephone number. There are public phones for local calls (not pay phones) in the main lobby across from the Chapel / Meditation area. To place a long-distance call, dial 0 and the operator will help you. All long distance calls must be charged to a credit or phone card, placed collect or billed to your home phone number. Long distance phone cards can be purchased in the Gift Shop.

For patients with hearing difficulties, phone amplifiers are available by contacting St. Rita's Audiology at extension 9339. St. Rita's Audiology is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) service is available by calling 419-226-9465. Pay phones are available in the main lobby of the Medical Center in the hallway near Express Care. Cellular phone usage is prohibited in patient care areas. Cellular calls often interfere with the operation of medical equipment. St. Rita's appreciates your cooperation.