We welcome your closest loved ones – called “primary supports” – to visit you 24 hours a day, generally speaking. We encourage them to play an active role in your healing journey, supporting you physically and emotionally.

At times it may e necessary to limit the number of people in your room for the safety and security of our patients. We ask for your understanding during these times.

General visit hours

Our general visiting hours are 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.

An adult must accompany children younger than 16 at all times.

Visitors who are ill or not feeling well should wait until they feel better before visiting.

We ask that visitors not sit on a patient’s bed for both the safety and comfort of the guest and patient.

Many of our patients are on special diets. Please check with the nurse before bringing any food to a patient.

Please ask your unit representative for their specific quiet time hours.

We welcome guide dogs, pet therapy and pet visits, but to help ensure the safety of our patients, we ask that you please prearrange and coordinate these visits in advance. Talk to your nurse or unit representative if you are interested in a pet visit.