St. Rita's Center for Robotic Surgery

With the region's leading surgeons and the most advanced daVinci® technology, the St. Rita's Robotic Surgery Center expertly provides a wide range of robotic procedures for cardiothoracic, urologic, gynecologic, bariatric and general surgery patients close to home.

Instead of more invasive, traditional open or laparoscopic surgery, the daVinci® Surgical System allows our surgeons to skillfully perform surgical procedures with smaller incisions, less scarring and shorter recovery times so patients can return to the activities and people they love most quicker.

We were the first hospital in our region to use the daVinci® Surgical System, and we continue to be the leaders in adapting the technology to best serve our community. With the leadership of Director Dr. Craig Nicholson, St. Rita's is recognized for our excellence and serves as a training site for hundreds of surgeons around the country.

Robotic Surgery Conditions & Procedures

Bariatric  Cardiothoracic    General Surgery  Gynecologic   Urologic