Bariatric Robotic Surgery

A master of both laparoscopic (minimally invasive) and traditional open surgery techniques, Jason Bowersock, MD, also performs robotic weight loss surgery for the sleeve gastrectomy procedure and the gastic bypass procedure.

The most advanced minimally invasive surgical option for obesity available today, robotic weight loss surgery is like other laparoscopic procedures in that instruments and a tiny video camera are inserted into a few small openings in your abdomen. During robotic weight loss surgery, however, Dr. Bowersock uses a highly precise robot, called the daVinci® robot, to perform the procedure.

Robotic weight loss surgery may also be a better option for patients with extremely high BMIs, who may otherwise not be good candidates for surgery because of their larger size. This procedure is not right for every patient, however, and Dr. Bowersock will decide whether you are a candidate by evaluating your individual circumstances.

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