How do I know if I have Osteoporosis?

A bone mineral density test (BMD) that measures your bone density is the best way to determine if you have osteoporosis, before you suffer a fracture. A BMD test measures the amount of material, primarily calcium, in different parts of your skeleton. This measurement represents how easily your bones will break. The greater the bone mineral content, the stronger or more dense your bone.

What does a BMD Test do?

  • Detects Osteoporosis Before a Fracture
  •  Shows Chances of a Fracture
  • Watches the Rate of Bone Loss with Repeated Measurements
  • Monitors the Effectiveness of Treatment for Osteoporosis

Types of BMD Tests

These tests are painless and take only a few minutes to complete. St. Rita's offers two types of BMD tests:

  • DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) Scan
  • Achilles or Heel Screening