Welcome to the Brain Tumor Center at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health

A new brain tumor diagnosis can be overwhelming. Navigating the path from diagnosis to treatment and recovery requires a skilled, patient-centered and multidisciplinary approach. We ensure accurate diagnosis, state-of-the-art treatment and compassionate care with an expert team of fellowship-trained physicians in neurosurgery, skull base surgery, medical and radiation oncology, otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, neuro-radiology, neuro-pathology and endocrinology. 

Together, we are committed to seeking out new technological advances and clinical research to provide minimally invasive, precise and effective treatment plans that optimize the outcome for our patients and provide a quicker recovery. 

Mercy Health, the region’s largest healthcare network is partnering with Mayfield Brain & Spine with Ohio Hematology Care (OHC) to create a world-class center of excellence for brain tumor patients in our region. Mercy Health has invested in the necessary technological advancements, including the newest Gamma Knife® ICON™ radiosurgery system, the Airo® intraoperative CAT scanner, BrainLab stereotactic navigation, Leica fluorescence microscopic technology for brain tumor surgery, and a state-of-the-art facility with newly renovated operating suites and private patient rooms. 

Mayfield has a rich history of neurosurgical experience dating back to 1937, when the clinic was first established by Dr. Frank Mayfield. Since its founding, Mayfield has treated thousands of brain tumor patients from Cincinnati and around the world. OHC, one of the largest independent oncology groups in the nation, provides innovative treatment for primary brain cancers and treats all metastatic cancers within the brain and at the site of origin in the body. 

It is our promise to employ our knowledge and experience to help our patients achieve the best possible outcomes when facing one of their life’s most challenging moments. Our mission is to ensure that this care is delivered with compassion, with the goal of restoring health and maintaining quality of life.

Vincent DiNapoli, MD, PhD
Director, Brain Tumor Center at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health
Neurosurgeon, Mayfield Brain & Spine