A caregiver can be anyone who supports and assists in any way an individual with any type of illness, disease or disability.

We have put together a safe place for you to come and be together with other caregivers.  A place where you can learn together, support one another, and feel understood. You can relate to others who know how you feel and what you are going through.

You have a story, a path unlike your loved one you care for, and often different from your friends and family.

Medical Office Building
3600 Kolbe Road Lorain, Ohio 44053
(connected to Mercy Regional Medical Center) 

Free valet parking is available. 

For further details and meeting room location, please call (440)960-3427

Event contact:
Edie Hutchinson, C.T.R.S.
Recreation Therapist
3700 Kolbe Road
Lorain, Ohio 44053
Email: edie.hutchinson@mercy.com  

Mercy Regional Medical Center
3700 Kolbe Rd.
Lorain, Ohio 44053
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