Open MRI comfort with the speed and accuracy of conventional MRI

Until recently, you had to choose between closed MRI and less-powerful open MRI. Although open MRI was more comfortable, traditional closed MRI was often faster and

more accurate. The new high-field open MRI at Mercy Diagnostic Center combines open MRI comfort with closed MRI speed and accuracy. It’s the only true high-field open MRI in Lorain County. This new technology helps you feel calmer, with open space around you during the exam. Your MRI will be shorter and will provide highly accurate images for the doctor.


At Mercy Diagnostic Center, the relaxed environment and open sides of our MRI help you feel calmer during your exam. A wide patient table supports you comfortably and completely. Our advanced MRI works quickly so you can finish the exam and get on with your day. Our open MRI is ideal for children. Parents can hold their child’s hand to provide extra assurance during the exam.


Our high-field open MRI has exceptionally strong magnets that create sharp, clear images in less time and with less need for rescans. These images help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan for you.


Our staff and certified MRI technologists are skilled at making you feel comfortable and capturing the clearest images quickly. Certified radiologists at Mercy Diagnostic Center have decades of experience reading MRI images. Together we give you the best experience and provide your doctor with the most accurate information possible

To make it easier for you, appointments are available within 24 hours of your call. We also offer evening and weekend appointments. To make an appointment, please call 440-245-1012.