Scars can have a significant impact on breast cancer survivors, impacting their body image, intimacy, confidence and mental health. 

Breast surgeon Amy Moldrem, MD of Mercy Health – Kenwood Breast Surgery knows the toll that scars can take on her patients. She recently earned certification Hidden Scar® certified breast surgeon, joining Jacquelyn Palmer, MD of Mercy Health – Fairfield Breast Surgery as a Hidden Scar certified breast surgeon. 

Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery helps patients move on from their breast cancer diagnosis with little visible reminder of their surgery. This advanced approach to treating breast cancer optimizes the cosmetic results of surgery while effectively treating the cancer.

Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery allows certified surgeons to remove the cancerous tissue through a single incision made in a hidden area. Hidden Scar surgeries benefit breast cancer patients by sparing the nipple, areola and surrounding tissue to preserve a natural-looking breast. Patients who undergo this approach are at no higher risk of recurrence than patients who undergo any other surgical technique.

“A breast cancer diagnosis is difficult enough,” says Dr. Moldrem. “I’m pleased that Mercy Health supports my desire to give patients an option that can help minimize the reminders of their breast cancer surgery.”

Each year, more than 250,000 women will receive a diagnoses of breast cancer that requires surgery. Many women are unaware of all the surgical options available, including less invasive approaches that can help restore their self-image and allow them to begin the emotional healing process. 

Dr. Moldrem uses Invuity®’s Intelligent Photonics® technology to improve visibility during procedures such as lumpectomy and nipple sparing mastectomy – enabling her to perform complex, in-demand surgeries and give more women access to transformative options. 

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