The Lown Institute named Mercy Health — West Hospital the fifth “Best Hospital for America” based not only on the quality and value of the care it provides its patients but also for its contribution to the community it serves.

The new “Best Hospitals for America” ranking from the nonpartisan health care think tank looked at 3,282 hospitals in the United States, rating them on the following criteria:

  • Patient outcomes - a hospital’s patient mortality, safety and satisfaction record
  • Civic leadership - the degree to which a hospital treats patients with the same income and other demographics as its surrounding community, how much it contributes in community benefit, from providing charity care to building and operating free clinics and how much it pays its senior executive compared to its frontline workers
  • Value of care - how much a hospital overuses low-value tests and procedures

Mercy Health — West Hospital earned an A+ for patient outcomes, an A+ for value of care and a B for civic leadership. Its  overall score was an A+.

“The events of this year have many people re-evaluating how well – and how justly – we as a society and as organizations and individuals care for each other,” said Michael Kramer, president of Mercy Health — West Hospital. “That’s true for me and for Mercy Health, and it’s what makes our Top 5 Lown Institute’s ‘Best Hospitals for America’ ranking so meaningful. It’s one we are very honored to receive. Lown Institute didn’t just look at the quality of care West Hospital provides its patients, but it also determined that we provided great quality care equitably across the diverse communities we serve.”

Mercy Health — West Hospital was the number Best Hospital for America in Ohio and Mercy Health — Clermont Hospital earned Ohio’s number five spot, with an A+ overall.

Clermont Hospital scored an A+ overall and was ranked number five in Ohio and number 51 nationally. The Jewish Hospital — Mercy Health (number 18 in Ohio), Mercy Health — Fairfield Hospital (number 25 in Ohio) and Mercy Health — Anderson Hospital (number 32 in Ohio) all earned A grades overall.