In April of 2021, the medical staff of Mercy Health – Clermont Hospital came together to help address an issue related to employee wellbeing and safety.  

“Many of our associates take breaks to go outside, walk and get refreshed on the only paved surface available - the parking lot. While it was great to see people going outside and being active, walking through the parking lot is not optimal for their safety,” said Clermont Hospital President Shane Knisley. 

To address this issue, the medical staff contributed $100,000 to build a walking path around the Clermont Hospital campus, the opening of which hospital leaders, doctors and associates celebrated today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“The walking path provides a safe place for employees to take a deep breath and enjoy a break away from the hospital floor,” said David Beck, MD, PhD, a critical care medicine and pulmonology specialist with Mercy Health – Clermont Sleep Medicine.

“The path is also open to visitors, who now have a safe outdoor space where they can step away while a loved one is in the hospital,” said Brian Shiff, MD, a general surgeon with Mercy Health – General and Laparoscopic Surgery, Clermont.

The path is just under one mile long and goes around the Clermont Hospital. Knisley has donated a bench for the path on behalf of the hospital and the hospital hopes to secure donations of one or two more benches.