y Health focuses on healthcare innovation

CINCINNATI, Ohio (June 30, 2016) – On Thursday, June 29, Mercy Health was introduced as a founding member of Spry Labs, a venture building studio in Cincinnati working to solve pressing healthcare problems and commercialize the solutions.

As a founding member, Mercy Health has been integral in guiding Spry Lab’s theme development and thinking around how they can optimize bringing in other members of the venture ecosystem - startups, employers, payors - to develop the structure of the lab. Mercy has a number of concepts in the pipeline and has jump started engagement in patient- and community-focused design sprints.

“Mercy Health is committed to providing amazing, accessible, leading-edge care at the time patients need it” said Jeff Carr, Mercy Health chief innovation officer. “As a founding member of Spry Labs, we look forward to engaging in innovative, creative work that overcomes barriers, challenges traditional thinking, solves problems and ultimately improves the health of our communities.”

Spry Labs is part of Cintrifuse, a Cincinnati-based organization that fosters and maintains a network of funders, educators and talent in order to support startup companies throughout their lifecycle. Unlike accelerators and incubators, Spry Labs is modeled as a venture building studio. The structure allows leading industry talent to partner with companies and iterate around new ideas. By operating in a lean fashion and testing solutions quickly, the lab pushes concepts towards rapid success or rapid failure.

It’s a valuable strategy for large organizations like Mercy Health, providing a focused way to innovate and a modern approach for achieving growth. Outputs include refined business models, clickable prototypes and new startup companies.

“Leveraging Greater Cincinnati’s assets to create viable businesses not only makes sense but it is the perfect play for our region,” said Wendy Lea, Cintrifuse CEO. “Spry is a significant milestone toward making Cincinnati the destination for startups in the Midwest.”

Spry has more than 20 concepts in its pipeline. These concepts range from community benefit tracking to overcoming transportation challenges. Spry will showcase its first design sprint at the Health Care Innovation Xchange on September 29.